Checkpoint IDEA 2004

Checkpoint IDEA 2004 - i nt: I D EA 2004 Checkpoint: IDEA...

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oint: I DEA 2004 n
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Checkpoint: IDEA 2004 While researching IDEA 2004, I found that the educational laws protect each other in every degree possible when it comes to the education of all students who have disabilities. The law has come from long but prosperous obstacles when fighting for disabled people to get what they deserve (Rosenberg, Westling, & McLeskey, (2007)). All of these laws have come to satisfy IDEA 2004 by reassuring that all students with disabilities are given a fair chance at their education. The laws have finally come to do their sole purpose and protect children from unequal opportunities and discrimination. With the protection of numerous laws, IDEA 2004 has come to affect diverse learners in many ways. The first way that these learners have been affected is by feeling like they matter. Educators fought for these children to have an equal education. Another way these diverse learners were affecting was by being able to learn with students who didn’t have disabilities. This alone took the feeling of isolation away from the diverse learners allowing
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Checkpoint IDEA 2004 - i nt: I D EA 2004 Checkpoint: IDEA...

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