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klzxcvbnmqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbn Checkpoint: IEP Axia College AED 222 Mrs. Nanez 4/14/2011 Elizabeth Carlson
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Checkpoint: IEP After reviewing Stars IEP, the people that you will see to be involved are the special education instructor, an interpreter, and a Speech-language pathologist. Mrs. Brown plays the role of the special Ed instructor and it is her job to make sure Star is getting the help in the areas she might be behind in. The instructor is Mrs. McNeil and what she does is interpret any information to Star that she needs more understanding on. Mrs. McNeil will also tend to work on anything that Star might need working on and will assist Star with work the special education instructor may give her to do. There is Mrs. Rouviere, which assists Star with her speech and language. Mrs. Rouviere will work closely with the special education teacher, so that they may have a better understanding where star needs improvement. Other people that might be involved in
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