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Biological Sciences 101 Dr. Mark Sanders A cross is made between a trihybrid female fruit fly that has the wild type phenotype and a male that is homozygous for three recessive phenotypes, crossveinless (the absence of crossveins in the wings), echinus (abnormal eye facets), and cut wing (a wing shape defect). The recessive alleles are represented by the symbols cv (crossveinless), ec (echinus), and ct (cut). The following progeny are produced from the cross. Any phenotype not given is wild type. Phenotype Number 1. Echinus 73 2. Echinus, cut
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Unformatted text preview: 140 3. Wild type 3 4. Crossveinless, echinus 766 5. Crossveinless, cut 80 6. Cut 756 7. Crossveinless, cut, echinus 1 8. Crossveinless 158 1977 a. Why are these data consistent with genetic linkage of the three loci? b. Identify the alleles that are on each chromosome in the trihybrid female and place the alleles in their correct order along each homologous chromosome. c. Calculate the recombination frequency between the adjacent pairs of genes. d. Determine and explain the interference value for this cross....
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