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Cardiovascular+system+DF+lectures+22-23+w2011+FINAL -...

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1/30/11 1 Cardiovascular system: II. Regulation of blood pressure Lectures 22-23 Recommended reading : Chapter 10: pp. 376-386 (6 th edition pp. 369-379) Topics to cover in these lectures Mean arterial pressure (again) Short versus long term control of MAP Integrating effects on cardiac output and peripheral resistance in the control of MAP Baroreceptor reflex Blood pressure abnormalities Physiological responses to hypovolemic shock (severe hemorrhage)
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1/30/11 2 Mean Arterial Pressure Blood pressure that is monitored and regulated 1) Propel adequate flow through resistance vessels 2) Maintain adequate brain perfusion 3) Prevent collapse of arteries during perfusing skeletal muscle Recall primary determinants MAP = Cardiac output x Total peripheral resistance Formula for approximating mean arterial pressure MAP = diastolic pressure + pulse pressure At 120/80, MAP = 80 mm Hg + (40 mm Hg) = 93 mm Hg Mean Arterial Pressure Constantly monitored by baroreceptors (pressure
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Cardiovascular+system+DF+lectures+22-23+w2011+FINAL -...

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