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Project 4 - Description 4 Physical Elements Data Type...

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Using the final table list you created previously, select the Primary Keys for each table in your list for both Access  and MySQL. Then, select one of the tables and complete field specifications for each field. Download and use the  field specifications sheet . Note: Your field specifications sheet does not have to have the same format as the one in your text. Just be sure to provide  the same information. Then write two queries 1. List each customer with all their orders. 2. List each product with its price, how much has been ordered and what is the sales total for that item. You  will need to populate you tables with sample data. 3. Field Specifications General Elements Field Name: Specification Type: Unique Generic Replica Parent Table Source Specification: Label: Shared by: Alias(es):
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Unformatted text preview: Description: 4. Physical Elements Data Type: Character Support: Letters (A-Z) Keyboard (. , / $ # %) Numbers (0-9) Special Characters Length: Decimal Places: Input Mask: Display Format: 5. Logical Elements Key Types: Non Primary Foreign Alternate Edit Rule: Enter Now, Edits Allowed Enter Now, Edits Not Allowed Enter Later, Edits Allowed Enter Later, Edits Not Allowed Not Determined At This Time Key Structure: Simple Composite Uniqueness: Non-Unique Unique Null Support: Nulls Allowed No Nulls Values Entered By: User System Required Value: No Yes Default Value: Range of Values: Comparisons Allowed: Same Field All = > > = ≠ < < = Other Fields All = > > = ≠ < < = Value Expression All = > > = ≠ < < = Operations Allowed: Same Field All + - X ÷ Concatenation Other Fields All + - X ÷ Concatenation Value Expression All + - X ÷ Concatenation...
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Project 4 - Description 4 Physical Elements Data Type...

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