Psych Lecture feb 12 - Psych Lecture- Feb 12 Memory: the...

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Psych Lecture- Feb 12 Memory: the capacity to retain and retrieve information Flashbulb memories: dramatic positive or negative memories Memories for traumatic events are more vivid than ordinary events Main aspects of trauma remembered Can distort details, and accuracy fades over time People believe that their memories are vivid even if the event they recall is not the same years later Movie on flashbulb memories- ppl remember exactly where they were when JFK was shot Personal recollections of 9/11 or Columbine Cohort differences How to measure memory Recall : ability to retrieve info which has been learned earlier Recognition: ability to identify previously encountered info Relearning: effort is saved in having learned something before Recall Task- naming the 8 reindeers Recognition Task: then going through a list and picking out the names of the 8 reindeers- its easier to pick them out from a list then to name them just from memory Models of Memory Information Processing Model: memory and mind are like a computer Encoding- how to put info in, retain, store, and retrieve it Levels of Processing: different levels of processing impact encoding Shallow Processing: structural encoding- emphasizes the physical structure of the stimulus Intermediate Processing: phonemic encoding- emphasizes what a word sounds like(does it rhyme with weight?) Deep Processing: semantic encoding- emphasizes the meaning of verbal input Three Box Model of Memory Sensory Memory:
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Psych Lecture feb 12 - Psych Lecture- Feb 12 Memory: the...

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