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CHEM101_FA09_syllabus(3) - CHEMISTRY 101 PRINCIPLES OF...

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1 CHEMISTRY 101 PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY I Fall 2009 Credit: 4 (lecture/discussion) Instructor: Dr. Tara S. Carpenter Office: MEYR 112, tel. 410-455-3085 Office hours: MWF 11:00 – 12:00 and MW 3:00 – 4:00 and by appointment email: [email protected] email: Email is an excellent way to contact Dr. Carpenter. Please include your full name, course and section number, and details of question (i.e., question, question number, page numbers, etc.). Failure to include this information will result in a delayed or no response. In addition, please use your UMBC email address to ensure validity, delivery to my inbox and response. Discovery: Dr. Diana S. Hamilton Office: MEYR 366, tel. 410-455-3461 Office hours: by appointment email: [email protected] Text: Chemistry: The Study of Matter and Its Changes , 5 th edition: Brady and Senese; John Wiley & Sons, 2007 (Please refer to the handout on Blackboard for textbook purchasing options.) Lecture: 01-LEC (1467) M/W/F at 10:00 - 10:50 LH2 class 08-LEC (1965) M/W/F at 2:00 – 2:50 LH2 class all F at 3:00 – 5:00 TBA exams and other Discovery will begin the week of September 14. Section Day Time Section Day Time 3 Tu 8:00 – 9:50 10 Th 8:00 – 9:50 4 M 1:00 – 2:50 11 M 10:00 – 11:50 5 W 1:00 – 2:50 12 W 10:00 – 11:50 6 Tu 3:00 – 4:50 13 Tu 1:00 – 2:50 7 Th 3:00 – 4:50 14 Th 1:00 – 2:50 101H-04 Tu 8:00 – 9:50 101H-08 Th 8:00 – 9:50
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2 According to UMBC regulations, a course cannot be taken more than two times. Also, CHEM 101 cannot be repeated if CHEM 102 has been taken for a grade. If you fall into either of these categories, it is highly recommended that you drop the course. Transcripts will be checked and violators will be removed from the course. This is your warning ! WELCOME TO CHEMISTRY 101 Chemistry 101 is the first half of an introductory two-semester course primarily designed for those students who plan to continue their chemical education beyond the elementary level. We will find, however, that Chemistry 101 is a valuable experience not only for aspiring chemists, chemical engineers, medical doctors, dentists, pharmacists, and so forth, but also for thoughtful students of all disciplines. You will also discover that chemistry is truly a central science. A chronology of course topics with text references in addition to problem assignments is included with this syllabus. In a sense, the problem assignments define the course. A student, who learns to solve problems of comparable difficulty, spanning the range of topics, will have achieved the essential goals of the course. There are no prerequisites for Chemistry 101 other than knowledge of high school algebra. COURSE OBJECTIVE The goal of this course is to provide a basic background and understanding in the theory and principles of Chemistry (e.g., scientific methods and measurements, matter and its properties, stoichiometry, energy, electronic structure, chemical bonding, and the periodic properties of the elements).
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CHEM101_FA09_syllabus(3) - CHEMISTRY 101 PRINCIPLES OF...

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