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Discussion Board Activities

Discussion Board Activities - you did-Your answer to the...

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Discussion Board Activities 1. Rationale: The goal of the discussions is to reflect on culture-related topics, both in the Spanish speaking world and in the U.S. This is a general requirement course and as such, it aims to raise awareness of issues beyond communication skills: issues about language as a mental faculty, as a social resource and issues in the US and Hispanic societies. 2. Instructions for completing a given Discussion Board Assignment: - In the forum, choose the topic you are most interested in. At the end of the topic description, there are several questions. You may choose to write your answer in connection to one, several or all of them. - If the topic of your choice has already been answered by 8 people, you have to choose another topic - Post your answer indicating the topic’s number in the Subject box. - Reply to a posting made by a classmate. - You must reply to a classmate who did NOT write on the same topic that
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Unformatted text preview: you did. -Your answer to the topic and your reply must be provided in two different postings: i.e. you cannot give your answer and reply to a classmate in the same post.-Your reply must not be limited to ‘I agree’. 3. Expectations for your posting:-It should provide your personal opinion on the topic-It should contain factual information (go beyond your personal opinion). You must indicate the source of that information and provide a link if possible-It should not repeat ideas contained in your classmates’ postings without adding any new information or perspective. 4. Grading Criteria:-Each DB activity is graded on 15 points and it is 2.5% of the final grade.-Personal answer: 10 points. -> Personal opinion (2 points), factual information (5 points), originality (3 points)-Reply (5 points)....
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