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FINAL Contents

FINAL Contents - missing the IO pronoun c DO and IO...

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FINAL Contents 1. Reading with answers of true or false related to one of the topics seen in class:  foods, sports, family, traveling. 2. Voc abulary a) Foods: review words on pp. 190-191-192. b) Sports: review words on pp. 227. c) Family: review words for family relations given in class, also contained in ch.8  glossary, p.295 “los parientes y las relaciones familiars” d) Traveling: review words in exercises contained in handout given in class  “Estamos de viaje” particularly the activity about things you do before traveling,  during the travel and after traveling. 3. Grammar: a) Direct Object: you are given a question and you have to answer using the DO  pronouns b) Indirect Object: same format as in Midterm iI, complete sentences that are 
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Unformatted text preview: missing the IO pronoun. c) DO and IO together: same format as in Midterm II: rewrite sentences replacing the DO and the IO by their corresponding pronouns. d) Past 1, Past 2 and their contrast: you will be given a text like the one on Midterm II but this time you will have to indicate whether past 1 or past2 should be used PLUS put the verb in the past 1/past 2 form. You will also be given the translation of the text so there are no problems of understanding. 4. Culture. Review the information on Spain pp. 210, 211 Review the information on pp. 270 Review the questions on the DBs....
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