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Oral part 1. You will be divided in groups of three people. This will be done by drawing your names out of a bag, randomly. 2. Once the groups are formed the first four groups will come with me to the Media Center where the conversation will take place. 3. Each group will sit in a different area in the Media Center and the conversation will be audio recorded with small digital recorders. 4. Each group will have a stack of cards where topics and questions are written, mostly dealing with activities in the past (what we have been working with this semester). Person A will pick up a card from the stack and will talk about the topic written on the card. s/he will be able to take a few notes with things s/he can say before starting to talk. The other two members in the group have to ask
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Unformatted text preview: one question each. The procedure will be repeated until each person gets to talk about the topics in 2 cards (2 rounds) 5. Each group will be talking for approximately 7 minutes. 6. This exercise is evaluated as follows: a) Contribution/effort (8 points): the amount of information that you convey b) Fluency / resourcefulness (4 points): how well you use communication strategies such as rephrasing when you get stuck, using more general words, describing, using examples. c) Vocabulary (3 points): knowledge of vocabulary used in class (verbs, a case in point). d) Grammar (5 points): accuracy, correct usage of structures seen in class i.e. you won’t be penalized for making mistakes on structures not seen in class....
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