Week 1 Assignment - and death The families and the people...

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Running head: SUPPORTING A POSITION 1 Supporting a Position CRT/205 January 9, 2011 Schanica Pickens
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SUPPORTING A POSITION 2 Supporting a Position I believe that the United States should continue to use capital punishment. The death penalty is the government’s answer to a crime committed, legally prosecuted, and convicted according to the state the person lives in laws. I have heard people say that it is not right to take a life even if it means preventing a murderer from murdering again. The death penalty has been described as “cruel and unusual punishment”. According to the St. Petersburg Time article, Angel Diaz took more than twice the normal time to die and seemed to suffer during the entire process. The federal court ruled that “pain and terror” was expected part of capital punishment was not sufficient to be deemed as cruel and unusual. When I think about my position about the death penalty and how I feel about it, I think about the victims and their families first. The victims suffered from horrible pain, humiliation
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Unformatted text preview: and death. The families and the people that were close to the victims had to relive the crime over and over again by being questioned by police officers, maybe by the media, and then in the court room to testify at the case. The death penalty gives the family a sense of peace and knowing that the person is not just living in a jail cell getting accustomed to the life of being behind bars. The murderer has been shown compassion by the justice system in most cases but the victims and their family and friends should be the one’s getting the compassion and protection. I think the justice system tends to forget about the victim and their families when it comes down to going to trial and convicting someone. There are victims who have had to wait years to get justice and there are some who are still waiting to receive the justice they need. References SUPPORTING A POSITION 3 Execution rules still inhumane. (2007, May 14). St. Petersburg Times, 12.A....
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Week 1 Assignment - and death The families and the people...

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