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Week 1 Checkpoint - something they did not even know was...

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Week 1 Checkpoint Taking a Position Part A The key issue from the comic strip is the employee stealing from the company. I do not think Anita immediately took a position on the issue because she said she would give it a thought. She went the next day and looked in her wallet and then she decided that her friend was wrong and she would be wrong if she did it too. Her position was based on a moral value judgment. Anita knew that what was going on was not only morally wrong but illegal and she could get in some big trouble. She made a decision that she was not going to do it and she took action and called the HR Hotline and reported what was going on. Part B The key issue I was faced with was a couple of my friends wanted to go and fight this girl over
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Unformatted text preview: something they did not even know was true. I immediately took a position on the issue and decided that it was wrong to fight period let alone fight without knowing the correct information. I used logic and moral values. The logic reason was that not knowing the facts could mean it did not even happen the way they heard it. The moral values were, to me, physical abuse is wrong no matter who does it. I did solve the problem by getting everybody together in a controlled environment and had them sit down and talk everything out. This way everybody could be heard and the issue could be solved without any physical contact....
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