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Week 7 Assignment - terrorists is no different than the...

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Week 7 Assignment The first argument was the argument comparing the number of deaths in an attack verses a natural disaster. The author said that an earthquake killed 20,000 people in Gujarat, India, as the example against the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11, 2001. The premise is the American government did not react as extremely in the earthquake as they did in the terrorist attacks. The conclusion of the argument is the earthquake victims were not Americans so that is why the American government did not react so extremely. The premise does not support the conclusion. The reaction to an attack in your own homeland cannot be compared to the reaction of a natural disaster. The argument is weak. The natural disaster is not deliberately attacking a group of people. The premise is hard to prove. There is not a perception of hate toward victims of a natural disaster as there is in a terrorist attack. The second argument is attacking the malice of the terrorists. The premise is the malice of the
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Unformatted text preview: terrorists is no different than the malice of the domestic offenders committing murder in the United States. The conclusion of the argument is that laws are being passed to prosecute domestic offenders but not against terrorists. The premise does support the conclusion. The malice is no different than that of a domestic offender and there are not many court battles to prosecute the terrorists that are in other countries. The argument is deductively valid. There are terrorists that are in hostile countries that are not being prosecuted and there are terrorists that get caught and will be taken to court for prosecution. There are countries that harbor terrorists that are planning attacks but will not help the United States to prosecute the terrorists. The premise is true because there is no difference in the malice of terrorists and the domestic murderer....
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