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Week 6 Checkpoint Legislation Legacy A current issue between Native Americans and the federal government is the Native Americans land and the ability for them to keep their native land. The Native Americans started giving land to the federal government over two hundred years ago and they thought by doing this they would be able to stay on their reservation land. It seems that today, the government is not really interested in fulfilling their end of the agreement. The federal government back then also promised to keep their water supply adequate and provide a livable place for them to call their home. Native Americans have a poor community when it comes to power and other things that
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Unformatted text preview: they need to survive and I believe that they thought by them giving the federal government their land that they would receive the things they need to survive. Congress has played a major role in making sure that the Native Americans are taken care of. In June 2008, the Farm Bill was passed and the program is to assist neglected areas of any Native American communities. This bill is used to help Native Americans get the things they need to better. The bill went into effect and things have begun to improve on the reservation. I think this bill was a good idea....
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