Week 7 Assignment - Running head: HISPANIC AMERICAN...

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Running head: HISPANIC AMERICAN DIVERSITY 1 Hispanic American Diversity ETH/125 December 5, 2010 Manjari Patel
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HISPANIC AMERICAN DIVERSITY 2 Hispanic American Diversity Hispanic Americans are a huge group of people but they are made up of a few different sub-groups. All of the sub-groups have deep, rich cultures that are different from each other but they do have some similarities. This paper is a summary of the linguistic, political, social, economic, religious, and familial conventions or statues of the Cuban American, Puerto Rican America, Central/South American, and Mexican American ethnic groups. Some of these ethnic groups have some things in common but they are all separate groups who are from various ancestors who helped pave the way. Most of the people in these ethnic groups came to the United States for political sanctuary while others came looking to escape social or economic conditions they felt they could not overcome. The United States Census Bureau estimated that more than 14.3% of the population was Hispanic in 2006 and by the year 2050, almost of quarter will be Hispanic. California and Texas is where almost half of the Hispanic population lives. (US Census Bureau, 2010). Cuban American Cuban Americans were displaced from the Caribbean Island after the revolution changed in 1959 in Miami, Florida. During the Cold War, political refugees wanted sanctuary in the United States where they happily established the benefits offered here. When they arrived to Miami, the Cuban Americans made some changes. They decided that that they would not replace their Spanish language and this meant that the residents of Miami would have to become accustomed to the way they did things. There are, however, Cuban Americans who are of
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Week 7 Assignment - Running head: HISPANIC AMERICAN...

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