Final Project - Running head: RACE AND MY COMMUNITY Race...

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Running head: RACE AND MY COMMUNITY 1 Race and My Community ETH/125 December 13, 2010 Manjari Patel Race and My Community
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SHORT TITLE OF PAPER (50 CHARACTERS OR LESS) 2 The community of Buena Vista, Georgia is frankly a small one but it has a very well rounded community made up of many different people with different ethnic backgrounds. The city of Buena Vista is what 1,641 people call home. The community is very diverse, which includes 62.9% being African American alone, 18.1% White alone, 17.9% Hispanic or Latino, 0.18% Native American, 0.36% Asian, and 0.30% Pacific Islander. I am African American and my race is represented in the neighborhood I live in, which is all African American. Based on the large percentage of African American residents in my community, especially in my neighborhood, I see a lot of faces that look like me on a daily basis. There are different races in my community as well. When I am out and about in my community, the scene changes and I see many different skin tones, some lighter and some darker than my own. In the southern part, where I live, African Americans, Latinos, and Hispanics Americans are more prominent and populate this area fairly equal. I am treated with respected by most of the members of my community and I love to interact and converse with people from different backgrounds than my own. I do a lot of volunteer work and this means I interact with people from all over the community and surrounding cities. I experience different things that are full of variety. The head of a lot of the community sponsored services always says, “It is like you are receiving a chance to reach new people through real life training.” In addition to getting that kind of training day to day, the community leaders always talk to us before any event about diversity and how to spot discrimination and report it. The community is not entirely free from racial tensions though because a couple of people I volunteer with went through this a couple of months ago. We had been working all day long and there were maybe fifteen people waiting in line to get their
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Final Project - Running head: RACE AND MY COMMUNITY Race...

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