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Week 9 Capstone Checkpoint I think that learning about all the different races and ethnic groups in the United States is what really helped me understand better. The discussions, readings and research I did in this course helped me understand the many obstacles minority groups had to overcome and still have to overcome to be considered equal. I do not think I really learned anything new about my cultural history. I just got a better understanding and a more in depth explanation of everything. The face of the United States in 2050 will probably look like it does today but there will probably be more people of different ethnic backgrounds and race living here. I hope that by then everyone will
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Unformatted text preview: accept people who do not look like them and accept people who have a different ethnic background. The United States is already a diverse country but by 2050, there will be more diversity. I think that the citizens have to educate themselves more to prepare for the changes that are coming. If they get a better understanding of what they are not familiar with this will help them accept everything. I think part of the reason people judge others who do not look like them is because they do not know anything about them or their culture. They are unfamiliar with a lot of things and this clouds their judgment....
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