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Case 3-2 - 2 What would you recommend to Janice and to...

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Claude A. Price Jr. 5/17/09 BA. 346 Sales Management Prof. Harrison Case 3-2 1) Who is right, Janice or George? * (Janice) Just because a potential customer is making a small purchase, doesn’t mean that the customer will not make a large purchase. Any customer should have a follow up completed just to acknowledge the potential customer and their value to the company, no matter what size the purchase is.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) What would you recommend to Janice and to George? * Janice needs to prove to George that every sale or potential sale could lead to bigger sale with the customer. George needs to follow up with small purchase and try to market bigger purchases while following up with the potential new customers or smaller purchasing customers. Questions 1-2 Gem Tools, INC....
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