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Claude A. Price Jr. 5/8/09 BA. 346 Sales Management Prof. Harrison Case 1-2 1) What advice should sales manager Ken Sutton give to his company president, Celia Fiorni, in order to improve her plan and make it successful? * The website for purchasing agents to make orders should be more simple. The website should be user friendly. Also, there should be a call center in place for web support sales agent to be able to supply or help purchasing agents with any needs or problems. The less complex the site is the more orders agent will make, because sometime there is just no time to have to call and ask questions for a order to be place. Normally, web access is a convenience for customers, but in this case salesperson have built rapport with the purchasing agents and that’s who the agent
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Unformatted text preview: wants to talk too. 2) What should Ken Sutton do to make his salespeople more accepting of the new initiative? * Ensure the salespeople that their jobs are secure. Talk with the president to find a new innovative way for salespeople to make commission by helping their agent with the web access. Get Information/Technology Department to have workshops showing the salespeople the in and outs of the website for guaranteed with the purchasing agents confidence of the website. Let the salespeople still have a once per month or quarter face to face contact with purchasing agent or customer about the satisfaction of their orders and website. Questions 1-2 G.W. Pergault, INC...
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