$R0RATUH - Assignment #1 BA 3351 Terrell & Terrell...

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Assignment #1 BA 3351 Case 4 in Miller Instructions Your first assignment comes from the Miller book, MIS Cases, Decision Making with Application Software . The Case is number 4, Terrell & Terrell Property Management, Inc and can be found on pages 19 to 24. You will prepare 5 files. The first 4 files are the workbooks that you will build from the data presented in Case 4. The 5 th file is to be done in MSWord explaining the results of your analysis by answering the 7 questions found on Page 22. The due date is specified under Assignments in WebCT. No printouts are required in this assignment. You are to work independently on this assignment; it is not a group project. Preparation In preparation for your first assignment, you should perform the activities in the sample case found on WebCT and in the Miller book, Case 3 on page 13. A textbook solution for Case 3 has been placed on the Resources page on WebCT. Do not turn in the results from this example, it is to help you understand how to approach the problem. If at any time you find something in the example case that you do not understand, either ask in class or post a message on the bulletin board in WebCT. Also, let me remind you that there is a link on the Resources page on WebCT that will connect you to an Excel Tutorial. This tutorial covers many of the introductory Excel concepts Save all documents and spreadsheets using your first initial and up to 6 characters of your last
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$R0RATUH - Assignment #1 BA 3351 Terrell & Terrell...

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