Chapter 13 Quiz - Marks 3 A site has all of the equipment...

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Marks: 3 A ____ site has all of the equipment installed but does not have active Internet or telecommunications facilities, and does not have current backups of data. Choose one answer. a. cold b. hot c. cool d. warm Question 2 Marks: 3 A(n) ____ UPS is always running off its battery while the main power runs the battery charger. Choose one answer. a. battery b. on-line c. off-line d. mirroring Question 3 Marks: 3 ____ partitions the storage space of each hard drive into smaller sections, which can be as small as 512 bytes or as large as several megabytes. Choose one answer. a. Striping b. Mirroring c. Duplexing d. Segmenting Question 4 Marks: 3 An alternative to using magnetic tape is to back up to magnetic disk, such as a large hard drive or RAID configuration. This is known as ____. Choose one answer. a. RTO b. RPO c. D2D2T d. D2D Question 5 Marks: 3 Backup software can internally designate which files have already been backed up by setting a(n) ____ in the properties of the file. Choose one answer. a. archive sector b. backup bit
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c. archive bit d. backup sector Question 6 Marks: 3 The ability to endure failures, known as __ __________________, can keep systems available to an organization. Answer: Question 7 Marks: 4 A(n) ____ __________________________ is a written document that details the process for restoring IT resources following an event that causes a significant disruption in service. Answer:
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Chapter 13 Quiz - Marks 3 A site has all of the equipment...

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