Chapter 13 Quiz help - _A_ 127. A Class _ fire includes...

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__A__ 127. A Class ____ fire includes common combustibles. a. A c. C b. B d. D __B__ 128. ____ systems spray the fire area with pressurized water. a. Dry chemical c. Chemical agent b. Water sprinkler d. Clean agent __D__ 129. ____ systems disperse a fine, dry powder over the fire. a. Clean agent c. Water sprinkler b. Clean chemical d. Dry chemical __C__ 130. ____ fire suppression systems do not harm people, documents, or electrical equipment in the room. a. Water sprinkler c. Clean agent b. Clean sprinkler d. Dry chemical __B__ 131. In a(n) ____ server cluster, a standby server exists only to take over for another server in the event of its failure. a. network c. redundant b. asymmetric d. symmetric __C__ 132. In a(n) ____ server cluster, every server in the cluster performs useful work. If one server fails, the remaining servers continue to perform their normal work as well as that of the failed server. a. asymmetric c. symmetric b. redundant d. network __D__ 133. A system of hard drives based on redundancy can be achieved through using a technology known as ____, which uses multiple hard disk drives for increased reliability and performance. a. MTBF c. ESD b. VPN d. RAID __A__ 134. ____ partitions the storage space of each hard drive into smaller sections, which can be as small as 512 bytes or as large as several megabytes. a. Striping c. Duplexing b. Mirroring d. Segmenting
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__C__ 135. Disk ____ involves connecting multiple drives in the server to the same disk controller card. a. segmenting c. mirroring b. stripping d. duplexing __A__ 136. Instead of having a single disk controller card that is attached to all hard drives, disk ____ has separate cards for each disk. a. duplexing c. mirroring b. segmenting d. stripping __D__ 137. RAID Level 5 distributes ____ data (a type of error checking) across all drives instead of using a separate drive to hold the parity error checking information. a. mirroring c. segmenting
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Chapter 13 Quiz help - _A_ 127. A Class _ fire includes...

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