bmet lesson#4 - Biomedical Duties(continued from Lesson 3...

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Biomedical Duties (continued from Lesson 3) In addition to performing repairs and preventative maintenance on medical equipment, BMETs are often called upon to train clinical users in the proper operation of medical equipment. The official term for this kind of training is “inservice”. Once you have worked in the field long enough (only a few months) to recognize that a lot of failures are due to use errors, you will realize that it is important for you to be able to translate “knob- ology” into a simple language that clinical users can understand. Clinical personnel spend there formative years learning to identify and treat physical conditions. The programs they attend in school do not necessarily prepare them to understand how equipment works or how it is used to diagnose a patient. This is perfectly understandable. I would want my doctor or nurse to spend there time the same way. Especially when we consider that these folks have technical experts available to help them understand the equipment. This is where you come in, and where you may have your biggest impact on patient care. Many times you will respond to a problem only to discover that there is nothing necessarily wrong with the equipment, but it is used incorrectly or not at all. At this point you may have to use some diplomacy to deal with the situation. How you react could have negative repercussions for the hospital. You should consider the following: Do not say or do anything that will cause the user to feel stupid. If they see you correct
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bmet lesson#4 - Biomedical Duties(continued from Lesson 3...

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