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Michael medlin REPORT FOR AUGUST 18, 2010 RECALLS AND FIELD CORRECTIONS: DEVICES - CLASS I ___________________________________ PRODUCT Hudson RCI AQUA+ Flex, Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier, HCH Tidal Volume Range 300- 1500mL, ICU/Anesthesia Adult/Child, Catalog number 1570. The Aqua+ Flex is a passive humidifier indicated for use on patients under anesthesia and intensive care to effectively warm and humidify the inspired air. Recall # Z-1634-2010 CODE Lot numbers: 200910, 200911, 200913, 200914, 200916, 200919, 200920, 200921, 200927, 200928, 200929, 200930, 200940, 200941, 200942, 200943, 200945, 200948 and 200951 RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER Recalling Firm: Teleflex Medical, Durham, NC, by letter on March 22, 2010. Manufacturer: Teleflex Medical, Perak, Malaysia. Firm initiated recall is ongoing. REASON The patient end of the 22 cm connector on the flex tube may not fit securely within the endotracheal tube (ET) connector and therefore disconnect from the endotracheal tube. A disconnect in ventilator dependent patients without prompt response to the alarm could lead to hypoxia, organ failure, or cardio-respiratory arrest. VOLUME OF PRODUCT IN COMMERCE 48,078 units DISTRIBUTION CA, FL, GA, KY, KS, IL, MA, MD, MI, MN, NC, NJ, NM, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, TN, TX, VA, WI and Japan ___________________________________ PRODUCT Ikaria INOMAX DS Drug Delivery System, model 10003. The INOMAX DS Delivery System delivers INOMAX (nitric oxide for inhalation) therapy gas into the aspiratory limb of the patient breathing circuit in a way that provides a constant concentration of nitric oxide (NO), as set by the user, to the patient throughout the inspired breath. It uses a specially designed injector module, which enables tracking of the ventilator waveforms and the delivery of a synchronized and proportional dose of NO. It may be used with most ventilators. The INOMAX DS provides continuous integrated monitoring of inspired O2, NO2, and NO, and a comprehensive alarm system. Recall # Z-2176-2010 CODE Serial numbers: DS20070005, DS20070008, DS20070009, DS20070010, DS20070011, DS20070012, DS20070014, DS20070015, DS20070016, DS20070017, DS20070019, DS20070020, DS20070021, DS20070022, DS20070023, DS20070024, DS20070028, DS20070030, DS20070031, DS20070032, DS20070033, DS20070034, DS20070035, DS20070037, DS20070041, DS20070045, DS20070046, DS20070048, DS20070049, DS20070050, DS20070051, DS20070053, DS20070057, DS20070058, DS20070059, DS20070061, DS20070062, DS20070063, DS20070064, DS20070068, DS20070069, DS20070070, DS20070072, DS20070073, DS20070075, DS20070076, DS20070077, DS20070078, DS20070079, DS20070080, DS20070081, DS20070082, DS20070083, DS20070084, DS20070085, DS20070086, DS20070087, DS20070092, DS20070093, DS20070095, DS20070096, DS20070097, DS20070100, DS20070103, DS20070104, DS20070106, DS20070107, DS20070109, DS20070114, DS20070115, DS20070116, DS20070117, DS20070118, DS20070119, DS20070121, DS20070122,
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Michael medlin REPORT FOR AUGUST 18, 2010 DS20070123, DS20070125, DS20070127, DS20070128, DS20070129, DS20070130, DS20070132, DS20070134, DS20070135, DS20070138, DS20070139, DS20070140, DS20070141, DS20070142, DS20070145, DS20070146, DS20070147, DS20070148, DS20070149, DS20070150, DS20070153, DS20070154, DS20070156, DS20070157, DS20070158, DS20070160, DS20070161, DS20070163, DS20070164, DS20070166, DS20070167, DS20070168, DS20070170, DS20070171, DS20070172, DS20070173, DS20070174, DS20070179, DS20070181, DS20070182, DS20070183, DS20070184, DS20070185, DS20070186, DS20070187, DS20070188, DS20070191, DS20070192, DS20070194, DS20070195, DS20070196, DS20070197, DS20070198, DS20070201, DS20070202, DS20070203, DS20070204, DS20070207, DS20070208, DS20070210, DS20070212, DS20070213, DS20070215, DS20070216, DS20070217, DS20070219, DS20070220, DS20070221, DS20070223, DS20070224, DS20070225, DS20070226, DS20070227, DS20070229, DS20070230, DS20070231, DS20070232, DS20070233, DS20070236, DS20070237, DS20070239, DS20070240, DS20070243, DS20070244, DS20070245, DS20070247, DS20070249, DS20070251, DS20070252, DS20070253, DS20070254, DS20070255, DS20070256, DS20070257, DS20070258, DS20070259, DS20070260, DS20070261, DS20070262, DS20070265, DS20070267, DS20070268, DS20070272, DS20070274, DS20070275, DS20070276, DS20070278, DS20070279, DS20070280, DS20070281, DS20070283, DS20080001, DS20080004, DS20080005, DS20080006, DS20080009, DS20080011, DS20080016, DS20080019, DS20080020, DS20080021, DS20080022, DS20080023, DS20080025, DS20080026, DS20080027, DS20080028, DS20080029, DS20080030, DS20080033, DS20080034, DS20080035, DS20080036, DS20080038, DS20080040, DS20080041, DS20080043, DS20080045, DS20080046, DS20080047, DS20080048, DS20080049, DS20080050, DS20080051, DS20080052, DS20080053, DS20080054, DS20080055, DS20080056, DS20080057, DS20080058, DS20080061, DS20080063, DS20080064, DS20080067, DS20080068, DS20080069, DS20080072, DS20080073, DS20080074, DS20080076, DS20080077, DS20080079, DS20080080, DS20080081, DS20080082, DS20080084, DS20080086, DS20080087, DS20080088, DS20080089, DS20080090, DS20080092, DS20080095, DS20080097, DS20080098, DS20080099, DS20080100, DS20080102, DS20080103, DS20080104, DS20080105, DS20080106, DS20080107, DS20080109, DS20080111, DS20080112, DS20080113, DS20080114, DS20080115, DS20080116, DS20080117, DS20080118, DS20080119, DS20080120, DS20080121, DS20080122, DS20080123, DS20080124, DS20080125, DS20080127, DS20080128, DS20080129, DS20080130, DS20080132, DS20080133, DS20080134, DS20080135, DS20080136, DS20080137, DS20080138, DS20080141, DS20080142, DS20080143, DS20080144, DS20080145, DS20080146, DS20080147, DS20080148, DS20080149, DS20080150, DS20080152, DS20080153, DS20080155,
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