test notes - Physicians rely on laboratory testing because...

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Physicians rely on laboratory testing because it contributes the most scientific data and information regarding a patient’s condition and needed medical care. In some instances, there is no substitute for a laboratory test. For example, a person with high cholesterol can be diagnosed long before symptoms occur. Diagnosis Screening Patient Management Purpose of Diagnosis: To establish or exclude the presence of diseases. To assist in the early diagnosis of diseases after the onset of symptoms. To determine the severity or stage of the disease. Purpose of Screening: To identify risk factors for disease. To detect drugs of abuse. Examples Diabetic – Blood Glucose to confirm/manage Life insurance – Screening Pre-employment - Screening Laboratory Customers Patient Physicians Nursing Staff Other healthcare professionals Ultimately, the patient is the primary and most important customer of the laboratory. The patient receives the “end result” of the work performed in the lab. The laboratory has other important customers as well. Other health care professionals Others who deliver patient care depend on the knowledge of the laboratory staff. Dieticians Respiratory Therapists Physical therapists Indirectly, these groups are also our customers. We are in partnership with the laboratory. We are part of the laboratory team responsible for delivery of patient results. Types of Laboratories Hospital Reference Doctor’s Office / Clinic Hospital laboratories perform tests on patients in the hospital. Sometimes outpatients are also referred to the hospital laboratory for special tests. Reference laboratories provide services for outpatients, doctor’s offices, and conduct specialty tests. “Test Factory” IE: Quest, LabCorp, Kaiser, etc. Doctor’s office and clinic laboratories perform routine tests during doctor visits. These tests are usually farmed out to the reference labs from the previous slide, but the samples may be drawn by office staff or reference lab staff. Impact of Lab Instruments Well maintained and regularly serviced equipment is an important factor in running a laboratory.
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All laboratories are dependent on the instruments they use to perform the analysis. Very few tests are done manually in the modern laboratory. Typical lab Issues Downtime Time lost Physicians and patients kept waiting Tests must be sent out The impact of “down time” is very serious. Backup instruments must be used Time is lost in reporting results. Physicians and patients are kept waiting. Tests must be sent out to other labs. Backup instruments must be brought back on-line, many times with difficulty. Laboratory Personnel
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test notes - Physicians rely on laboratory testing because...

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