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1. X-Ray exposure is based on 3 main factors; kVp, mA, time. We increase quantity by increasing mA Tube current is determined by time Amount of time X-rays are produced determined by kVp 2. A cloud of these electrons surrounding the filament cup is known as a negative charge. 3. The anode serves what 3 functions: Electrical conductor for the Provides mechanical support for the target Serves as a thermal conductor to dissipate heat from the electrons
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Boiling off of electrons from the cathode filament is referred to as thermionic emission. 5. X-Ray generation is based on two types of electron interactions. They are: Bremsstrahlung interactions Characteristic interactions 6. Why would the exposure switch be referred to as a “deadman switch”? A switch constructed in a circuit closing contact can be maintained only by continuous pressure on the switch by the operator....
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