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1. The Cathode Head may have how many cathode elements in it? 2 2. The cathode element(s) are made of what material? tungsten 3. The face of the anode is set at about what angle? 15 degrees 4. The stator portion of the tube motor typically operates on what AC voltage? 220 V AC 5. List 8 things the operator can do to extend tube life 1. Minimise filament boost (“prep”) time
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Use lower tube current (mA) 3. Follow rating charts and anode heating/cooling curves 4. Limit operation to 80% of maximum single exposure ratings 5. Do not exceed anode thermal capacity or dissipation rate of the target 6. Do not make high mA exposures on a cold target 7. Avoid long intervals between spot-films 8. Limit rotor start/stop operations...
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