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Communications Systems Chapter 8 Test

Communications Systems Chapter 8 Test - Excellent...

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Communications Systems Chapter 8 Test 1. Describe receiver sensitivity: The ability of the receiver to pick up signals and receive them at a sufficient strength 2. Describe receiver selectivity: This determines whether the receiver is able to pick out the wanted signal from all the other ones around it. 3. Describe receiver stability: The ability to stay locked on. 4. Describe receiver dynamic range: The ability to handle strong signals well as it is to be able to pick up weak ones. 5. How is image rejection accomplished? IF freq and LC tuned circuit and filters 6. The ratio of the input S/N ratio to the output S/N ratio is known as ___ nf====noise figure ______. 7. The baseband amplifier is usually a class _ B __ push-pull amplifier. 8. Detection involves reverse frequency shift. What does this mean? Striping the baseband from the carrier by unmodulating the signal 9. A dual-conversion receiver has what characteristic?
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Unformatted text preview: Excellent selectivity 10. The _____ AM __ detector is used to develop a DC voltage that is proportional to the signal strength. 11. The AM diode detector is passive. What does this mean? The absence of gain 12. The IF frequency is 455 KHz. The filter capacitor is 0.02 uFd. What size resistor would be used in the detector circuit? 1.099 kohm 13. FM detection uses a discriminator. Why? The info is contained in the carriers frequency changes. It is the freq deviation of the carrier that must be decoded. 14. One of the simplest discriminator circuits is a __ slope _ detector. 15-18. Describe the operation of a phase-lock-loop (PLL) discriminator: The phase detector compares the phase of the FM input and the VCO output 19. The _ Lm1868 _ is an IC known as radio on a chip. 20. Describe the operation of a limiter: It limits the amplitude of the input signal to the output....
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