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It is important to consider sentence variety and rhythm in your writing. Define sentence variety and rhythm in your own words and explain how they interact in effective writing. Variety in sentence writing pertains to sentences of varied length and/or pattern. Sometimes to change length short sentences are combined to make longer ones. At other times the opposite is be true. This fluctuating length of sentences adds variety makes for a more interesting read. Rhythm in sentence writing is a little different. It pertains to sentence patterns that come at regular intervals, for example, repeating occurrences of a question followed by multiple declarative sentences. If the sentences do not follow a rhythm then they become boring. The two concepts of variety and rhythm are intimately related. Variety can be added by changing sentence rhythms, and rhythms can be changed by adding variety. In any event, with both variety and rhythm working together, the reading is far more interesting. People, as a result, pay attention throughout the reading. --------: I like to write interesting things and the way to do it is to use variety
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40178924-COM155-COM-155-Week-9-Nine-DQs[1] - It is...

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