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TRENDS OF SUBJECT # 14 MADIHA SAHAR 03/03/11 Delay between key ‘n’ and ‘l’ is very small because both keys are easily accessed by one hand Moves have a more consistent pattern, in all sessions, most of the values stick close to each other and give a relatively uniform distribution Hold pattern has more variations. Some of them are uniform and others show a linear trend. Almost for each label in every session, there are some values which are out of the range of other majority of values. In Hold type of data, values are spread in specific range for every key stroke and in that range they seem to be uniformly distributed LABEL SPECIAL TREND PATTERNS OF DATA Period Period-t Overall curve lies at the value 0.2 and it is pretty much constant. Except session 2 and 6, almost all the values are populated close to the curve as compared to outliers. All the values lie between close to zero to 0.6 T It has almost uniform spread, loess curve make almost straight horizontal line
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DESCRIPTION_HW1_03_03_2011_Madiha_Sahar - TRENDS OF SUBJECT...

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