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Capstone Checkpoint hcr220 - decimal point When it comes to...

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Capstone Checkpoint Jessie Oliver Hcr/220 Luci Shipley June 30 th , 2011
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When it comes to the submission of claims to the different insurance companies for the medical services that the patient received from a doctor, this is called the medical billing process. The different steps in the medical billing process include: preregistration of patients; establishment of financial responsibility for the visit; checking in the patients; checking out the patients; the review of coding compliance; verifying billing compliance; the preparation and transmittal of claims; the monitoring of payer adjudication; generation of patient statements; and the follow-up of payments by the patient and the handling of collections. CPT, HIPPA, ICD and HCPCS all have some kind of influence on the medical billing process and the steps. The ICD-9 is used everywhere and it is the same set of codes, this is a global category. This process always has only three digits and may be followed by two other digits and then a
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Unformatted text preview: decimal point. When it comes to the Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) this one does not give you any type of diagnosis information, only the information about the procedure area and what’s going on with that. Now the real purpose for the HCPCS is for mainly outpatient treatments. It may also be known that some doctors may use these codes for some things also. The ICD-9, all there codes are mandatory by HIPPA to report all the procedures of all inpatients. Then the different codes that are for CPT are different diagnoses that are assigned by whatever coding team may be using them. The patient or the insurance company is then charged and mailed a bill that pertains to their sort of restrictions or whatever their process is. All the people that work with the medical billing process must be truthful, keep all information confidential and must be ran by all the important HIPPA laws and restrictions. References
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Capstone Checkpoint hcr220 - decimal point When it comes to...

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