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History Test # 1 Info (Keep in mind, my makeup exam will most likely be different) 1. Large Essay Options: a. Prove the validity of this statement: In the U.S. from 1865-1900, the status of African Americans, women, Indians, and immigrants did not have much of a change. (Answer = Not true, and prove why in 5 paragraphs: intro, blacks, women, Indians, immigrants)(Kia says add: more women allowed west to make it seem more appealing,
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Unformatted text preview: Indians – westerners wanted to convert them, etc.) b. Progressive Movement and Populist Movement 2. Book Essay: a. Regular exam was question # 5: Chief Joseph (my exam may be different) 3. Identification Questions: (To name a few from the regular exam…) a. Panama Canal b. 15 th Amendment c. Plessy vs. Fergusson d. “14 points” (?) e. New Immigrants...
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