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MKT 3401 Test 2 Notes **Reminders: Final Exam is May 3 rd (cumulative: little bit of old material, lot of new) Lecture Material: o Credibility o Likeability o 3 types of Presenters/Presentation o Branding o Promotional Mix - Venues of Advertising - Sales Promotion - Personal Selling - Public Relations Wall Street Chapters: o Corporate Branding (p. 17) o Target Marketing (p. 39) o Place (p. 90) o Promotion (p. 100) I. 3 Types of Presenters (terms used by the Harvard Business School) A. Showrunner – very good presentation skills, they have it all. i. 3.2% of people ii. What they sometimes lack: Substance . We have to look beyond their “greatness” for some substance. B. Neophyte – average presenters; may have voice quivers but overall, good presentation skills. i. 80% of people C. Artists – artistic, eccentric, different styles of presenting.
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Quick Tip #1: When applying for a job and doing an interview, make sure you do your RESEARCH ! “It’s not good to go for a job and not even know the name of the company’s CEO/President!” Quick Tip #2: When/if you make a mistake, for example, not remembering the CEO’s name (above), CORRECT IT ! Word travels fast! II. Presentations Consist of: A. AGM – Attention Grabbing Mechanism B. Body C. Conclusion III. Crisis Management – What is a crisis? A.
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MKT3401_Exam2_NotesB - MKT 3401 Test 2 Notes *Reminders:...

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