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Exam3KEY - Math 1372 Fall 2010 Exam 3 Time Limit 1 hour(60...

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Math 1372 Fall 2010 Exam 3 12/09/10 Time Limit: 1 hour (60 minutes) Jessi Suma Gabriela Chlng-Hao 8:00 10:10 12:20 2:30 This exam contains 7 pages (including this cover page) and 7 problems. Check to see if any pages are missing. Organize your work in a reasonably orderly and coherent way in the space provided. Messy and scattered work without a clear order will receive very little credit. Mysterious or unsupported answers will not receive full-credit. A correct answer, unsup ported by calculations, explanation, or algebraic ;vork, will receive no credit; however, an incorrect answer supported by substantially correct calcula tions and explanations will receive partial credit. Page Points Score 2 22 3 12 4 20 ~ 16 6 14. 7 16 Total: 100 K~Y Name (Print): TA (circle): Workshop (circle): Do not write in the table to the right.
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Math 1372 Exam 3 - Page 2 of 7 12/09/10 1., (12 points) State whether the following sequences converge or diverge. If it converges, find the limit. Justify your answer.
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