Physics lab 4 report

Physics lab 4 report - Lab 4-Problem 5: Circuits With Two...

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Lab 4-Problem 5: Circuits With Two Capacitors Problem Description: Determining how the capacitance of a capacitor is related to the rate at which the current decreases. The time at which the current reaches a certain fraction of its original value will be recorded for each of three circuits. Prediction: The rate at which the current in each circuit will decrease will be at a faster rate for a higher capacitance in the circuit. This means that due to the equivalent capacitances of each circuit, circuit XI will decrease in current at the fastest rate, followed by circuit IX then circuit X. This relationship is demonstrated by the equation: Our experiment will vary the equivalent capacitance in each different circuit and will show a negative relationship between equivalent capacitance and amount of time it takes the current to decrease to each chosen level of current measured. **Any necessary equations not mentioned and derivations of above equations can be found in the data section. Procedure: First we gained access to necessary materials, which include: a several wires, clamps, two capacitors of the same capacitance, a 6V battery, and a digital multimeter. First ensured each capacitor was discharged, and then we set up circuit IX. Immediately after completing the circuit we measured the initial current. Then we recorded the time it took for the current to reach each of 4 different fractions of the original current value. We followed this same process for three trials with each of the three circuits. This process and the resulting measurements gave us a table of time values at which the current value reached each of the “checkpoints”.
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Physics lab 4 report - Lab 4-Problem 5: Circuits With Two...

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