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Physics lab 5 report - Lab 5-Problem 6 Measuring the...

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Lab 5-Problem 6: Measuring the Magnetic Field of Two Parallel Coils Problem Description: Determining how position along the axis of 2 coils, which share an axis, affects the total magnetic field. Also we will observe whether or not the values of the magnetic field are constant between the two coils. Prediction: The magnetic field read by the Hall Probe will increase when moved closer to the center of the two coils, remain fairly constant on the portion of the axis of the coils that lies between the two coils and decrease as the probe is moved away from the coils. This relationship is demonstrated by the equation: Our experiment will vary the position (given by L, which is equal to x) of the probe along the axis of the two coils. **Any necessary equations not mentioned and derivations of above equations can be found in the data section. Procedure: First we gained access to necessary materials, which include: two similar wire coils, a stand for the coils, a power source, a meter stick, and a Hall probe. First we positioned the coils 10.5 cm apart on the stand. Then we connected the coils to the power source at 1 amp. We then proceeded to use the hall probe to measure the magnetic field at points along the axis of the coils, and measure the distance from a halfway point between the coils, using the meter stick.
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Data/Calculations: Variable and constants used in equations: I = current through coil = 1 µ 0 = 4π*10^-7 R = radius of coil z = R/2 N = number of turns in coil L = x = distance from center of coil B 1 = mag. field of left coil B 2 = mag. field of right coil B = total magnetic field of both coils Equations used + derivation:
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  • Spring '11
  • Marshak
  • Magnetic Field, hall probe, 1 Amp, 10.5 cM, 0.97377683 1.08735691 1.21712717 1.36554712 1.53537484 1.72964338 1.95159332 2.20453727 2.49162382 %

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Physics lab 5 report - Lab 5-Problem 6 Measuring the...

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