A Hard Day's Night

A Hard Day's Night - Brad Finley November 5 2010 Rock I Joe...

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Brad Finley November 5, 2010 Rock I: Joe Matson The Beatles: Rock The Beatles brought many changes to the world of rock and to the world of Rock and Roll. The Beatles cemented the transition from Rock and Roll to Rock, and widened the gap. They made Rock do things it had never done before, and Rock did it in larger proportions. Their foreign and massive influence on American Rock was unprecedented and opened doors for future groups. The film “A Hard Day’s Night” was one of the first of its kind and influenced future music videos for decades. This film also shows some of the ways Rock was changing. The band’s music additionally gave Rock a new respectability and helped it to be seen as an art form. Even early on, it could be seen that the Beatles and their music would change Rock forever. The songs of the Beatles, including those used to produce the film, can be analyzed to show the distinct characteristics of Beatles music. The popularity of the Beatles is due in large part to the characteristic of their music and specific songs. Each of their songs was desirable for distinct and often different reasons. Each Beatles song is both catchy and complex, making both commercial and artistic success possible. The song “A Hard Day’s Night” was extremely popular and was featured in the film. It was the first song of any artist that held number one for consecutive weeks, in both the U.S. and the U.K. The song was in some ways, representative of early Beatles music, but at the same time it is unique, as are all Beatles songs. The lyrics were not deeply meaningful, but they were easily accessible and catchy. One unique characteristic of this song is a famous opening chord played by George Harrison. The song also included double
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track lyrics and manipulation of the instrumentation, resulting in other-than-real speed instrumentation. Another song, also in “A Hard Day’s Night” called “I Should Have Known
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A Hard Day's Night - Brad Finley November 5 2010 Rock I Joe...

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