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Peer eval 1

Peer eval 1 - 3 Salman has done his share in the group...

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Brad Finley AEM 1905: Flaten 10/13/10 Peer-Evaluation 1 4 Guys, 1 Box Taylor Garcia 4 Taylor has been doing a great job as team manager. He has made a lot of payload construction progress on his own, mostly on the flight computer, and is keeping the rest of the group on task and up to date. Brad Finley 3 I have made significant contributions especially on the payload box and have done my share in the group homework. Salman Khan
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Unformatted text preview: 3 Salman has done his share in the group homework. He hasn’t made as much progress in his part of the construction but he seems to be ready and willing to do his share. Jason Checky 3 Jason has spent a considerable amount of time on his part of the payload build, mostly the weather station component. He also has contributed important ideas and is always very willing to do his share of the work....
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