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Lab 2 write-up - Problem Description: Determining if a...

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Problem Description: Determining if a larger mass increases the acceleration of a cart moving down a ramp. Prediction: The acceleration will not change when mass is added to the cart because acceleration is independent of mass. Procedure: 1. Gain access to necessary materials, which include: ramp w/track, cart that fits the track, computer with the Motion-Lab program, video camera, meter stick, stopper for end of track, a pencil and weights for placement on cart to add mass. 2. Set up the track, and then calculate the angle of the track from the horizontal. a. This angle is calculated by taking the inverse cosine of the horizontal length the track covers divided by the length of the inclined track. 3. Adjust the camera to make the view of the cart-track in the Motion-Lab program appear to be horizontal. 4. Put the cart on the track. Use a pencil to hold it in place at the start of the top of the track and add the weights, with total mass of 500mg. 5. Stand a physics class clicker up on end as a marker to easily identify the point that will be used as the end of the distance the cart will travel down the track on the video.
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6. Have one group member start the recording while another simultaneously pulls the pencil away, releasing the cart down the track. Position another group member to catch the cart just before it hits the stopper. 7.
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Lab 2 write-up - Problem Description: Determining if a...

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