Rock Notes 11-22 to 12-8

Rock Notes 11-22 to 12-8 - Rock Notes 11/22/10 Around...

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Rock Notes – 11/22/10 Around 1963/64, America started to feel a crisis regarding popular music. British popular music really had taken over (Beatles, especially, but followed by others – the charts were dominated at this point by British bands). American music began to ascend and reclaim its place only when it found its center: San Francisco Here, the counterculture revolution had its nucleus – hippies, drugs, tie-dye, long hair feminism; sexual liberation; political activism Many rock bands came out of this city and counterculture movement Psychedelic music: associated with psychedelic drugs (LSD, etc) o lyrics: abstract, strange o music: experimental use of electronics, sounds from other cultures (especially India and the Middle East) Two bands were at the pinnacle of the San Francisco scene: Grateful Dead Jefferson Airplane (later became Jefferson Starship) o one of their lead singers was a woman (Grace Slick; important because women had an extremely minor role in recent years of rock, and now one of the two biggest bands had a female lead vocalist) o used exotic musical scales; feedback o listened to “Somebody to Love” Grace on lead vocals live performance features improvised sections – in other words, diverges from the record version features a bit of something intrinsic to the San Francisco sound: long jams (vocal, instrumental, etc.) – places in which the band will take a long, improvised approach to the music, that goes on as long as they want it to o listened to “White Rabbit” – veiled references to drugs, etc. (Book says its “blatant” in its referencing, but it’s nothing like today, generally. The references are subtle, though arguably there.) Spanish-sounding style of music Starts soft and gets louder throughout Janis Joplin : the female artist at this time that most people remember, because she was really quite unique in her style; highly influential was in three bands total over her short career Mostly a vocalist (blues influenced) Performance style: completely over-the-top; completely unrestrained Listened to “Ball and Chain”
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Rock Notes 11-22 to 12-8 - Rock Notes 11/22/10 Around...

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