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Hall - Group Case Study CH13 Q3

Hall - Group Case Study CH13 Q3 - Question 3 What are you...

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Question 3. What are you going to track closely with the new team? (Randall Hall) With the new team, I will track objectives, continually diagnose performance readiness, and ascertain what task and relationship behaviors they are developing in the new location (text, p. 271). Everyone’s performance readiness will need to maintain a high level to continue producing the good results we have seen thus far. Also, with respect to Jim specifically, I will closely track his relationship behavior towards the other employees. I appreciate his passion and excitement, but I will let him know that his relationship behavior is unacceptable and I expect him to behave appropriately. I will also make him aware that I will be tracking his relationship behavior so he knows up front his performance in this area is being monitored.
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