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Hall5 - MG365 Week 5 Homework Randall Hall 1 What must a...

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MG365: Week 5 Homework Randall Hall 1. What must a manager determine about a subordinate before deciding to move the subordinate into the developmental cycle? How can a manager determine that this action should be taken? Managers must determine the performance readiness, and what area of work they want to influence. Before beginning the developmental cycle with an individual in a work situation, the manager must decide how well that person is currently doing. In other words, what is the persons performance readiness level right now in a specific aspect of the job? How able is the person to take responsibility for specific behavior? How willing or motivated is the person? (text, p. 186). The first question managers have to ask when they are thinking about developing their people is: What area of my employees work do I want to influence? In other words, what are their responsibilities or goals and objectives? (text, p. 185)
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