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Week 1 Homework Chapter 1, page 29, Review Question 3 Contrast the following terms: a. data dependence; data independence With data dependence, the data used is tied to and part of the application programs that use the data, where data independence is the separation of data descriptions from the application programs that use the data. The main difference in practical use is that with data independence the data can change and evolve without having to change the application programs that process the data. This flexibility is not available with data dependence. (Textbook p. 21, Glossary of terms) b. data warehouse; data mining A data warehouse is an integrated decision support database whose content is derived from various operational databases. Data mining is a means of conduction knowledge discovery using sophisticated techniques. In a nutshell a data warehouse is a database of databases, and data mining is a means of extracting data using sophisticated means from that data warehouse. (Textbook p. 18, 28, Glossary of terms) c. data; information Data can be defined as facts, text graphics, images, sound, and video segments that have meaning in the user’s environment. Information is data (as defined above) that have been processed in such a way that is useful to the user. Data is the raw state, where information is
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Randall_Hall_week_1_homework(GRADED) - Week 1 Homework...

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