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Week 3 Homework Problems Randall Hall Chapter 5, page 202, Review Question 2 Match the following terms and definitions. (Textbook: Glossary of terms, p. 192-193)   F    Well-structured relation   E    anomaly   A    functional dependency   J    determinant   G    composite key   D    1NF   H    2NF   I    3NF   C    Recursive foreign key   K    relation   B    transitive dependency Chapter 3, page 203, Problems and Exercises 4
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Unformatted text preview: Covert the user view to a set of 3NF relations using an enterprise key. (I don’t get how to do this. I see the example in the book, but am confused when I try to covert the class list to the set of 3NF relations. I probably botched it for the homework points, but would you explain and help me understand how to do this? I would really appreciate it.)...
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