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Randall Hall CS360 Week 4 Quiz 1. Which of the following is a purpose of the SQL standard? d. All of the above. 2. What does the following SQL statement do?       delete from Customer      where state = 'HI'; a. deletes all records from customer where the state is equal to HI 3. Which of the following questions is answered by the SQL statement?       select count(Product_Description) from Product; b. How many different product descriptions are in the Product Table? 4.  What results will be produced by the following SQL query?          select sum(standard_price) as total_price         from product         where productype = 'WOOD'; a. the total price of all products that are of type wood 5.  Which of the following will produce the minimum of all standard prices? b. select min(standard_price) from product;
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Unformatted text preview: 6. What result set will the following query return? select item_no, description from item where weight > 100 and weight < 200; c. the item_no and description for all items weighing between 101 and 199 7. What will be returned when the following SQL statement is executed? select driver_no, count(*) as num_deliveries from deliveries group by driver_no; b. a listing of each driver as well as the number of deliveries that he or she has made 8. One major advantage of the outer join is that: b. information is not lost. 9. The HAVING clause acts as a secondary WHERE clause. 10. Catalog and schema are very powerful database objects because they are stored in the database and controlled by the DBMS.-10 pts: triggers and routines, page 312...
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Randall_Hall_week_4_quiz - 6. What result set will the...

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