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Randall Hall CS360 Week 7 Quiz 1. State encompasses an object's properties and the values of those properties. 2. An object is an entity that has a well-defined role in the application domain, and has state , behavior , and identity . 3. An object diagram is a graph of instances that are compatible with a given class diagram. 4. It is only through an object identifier that other objects can access or manipulate information stored in an object. 5. Encapsulation is the technique of hiding the internal implementation details of an object from its external view.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. When an operation may apply to two or more classes in different ways, this is known as polymorphism . 7. Which operation creates a new instance of a class? Constructor operation. 8. The process of replacing a method inherited from a superclass by a more specific implementation of that method in a subclass is called overriding . 9. A constant that cannot be decomposed into any further components is called an atomic literal . 10. A collection of literals or object types is called a collection literal ....
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