fin3701 - FIN 3701 CORPORATE FINANCE 01FIN3701.MS1 (3-2010)...

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FIN 3701 CORPORATE FINANCE 01FIN3701.MS1 (3-2010) 1 ASSUMPTION UNIVERSITY MARTIN DE TOURS SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE AND BANKING SYLLABUS 3/2010 C OURSE T ITLE : FIN 3701 CORPORATE FINANCE P REREQUISITE : BF 2700 Finance, Credit and Banking / or FIN 2700 Money, Banking and Financial Markets L ECTURERS : Dr. Chainarin, Dr. Chayakrit, Assist Prof Dr. Hla Theingi, A. Nopphon and A. Vesarach ***** This subject is for both New and Old Curriculum students. ***** ***** The subject is equivalent to BF3701 Corporate Finance. ***** Martin de Tours School of Management and Economics’ Vision and Mission Vision: To be the leading international business school in the ASEAN region providing high quality business education to enable graduates to make invaluable contributions to organizations and society. Mission: To shape our students into independent-minded graduates who are well-versed in business, able to communicate effectively, tech savvy, innovative, and ethical to successfully face global challenges. C OURSE D ESCRIPTION : The fundamental principles and policies of corporate finance, scope and nature of financial function, emphasizing capital financing and management of working capital, project risk analysis, methods for incorporating risk into capital budgeting, funds of establishment and operating assets management, organization design for financial advantages, raising of long-term and short-term capital structure, cost of capital calculation, principles of financial analysis. C OURSE O BJECTIVES : 1. To describe and outline the goal of firms, a framework for the maintenance and creation of wealth, and the axioms on which finance is based, 2. To identify, discuss, and apply the mechanics of compounding, time value of money, annual percentage yield, and effective annual rate, 3. To discuss the basic natures and the valuation method of bonds, preferred stock, and common stocks, the cost of long-term funds raised form these instruments, and cost of short-term financing, 4. To evaluate a project’s attractiveness by analyzing expected cash flows and employing various analytical techniques, 5. To assess the firm’s current financial position based on the information from its financial statements and to maximize the shareholders’ wealth, 6. To discuss and analyze a firm’s financial structure, and cost structure and how these structures influence the firms, 7. To discuss about the concepts of a firm’s working capital, cash, and marketable securities. T EXT B OOK : Arthur J. Keown, John D. Martin, J. William Petty, David F. Scott, Jr. Financial Management Principles and Applications 10th edition, Pearson & Prentice Hall Inc., New Jersey, 2005 S CHEDULE FOR Q UIZZES AND E XAMINATIONS ***: E XAMINATION : Suvarnabhumi Campus Midterm: April 8, 2011 Time: 12:00 – 14:00 Final: May 9, 2011 Time: 13:00 – 16:00 *** NOTE: Please re-check dates and time prior to all exams.
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FIN 3701 CORPORATE FINANCE 01FIN3701.MS1 (3-2010)
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fin3701 - FIN 3701 CORPORATE FINANCE 01FIN3701.MS1 (3-2010)...

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