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The Skinner Article Do you ever wish that your child would have better behavior? B.F. Skinner developed several psychological theories using operant conditioning, reinforcement, punishment, and superstitious behavior. Operant conditioning is a voluntary behavior that has been modified using punishment or reinforcement. When using reinforcement or punishment, behavior can reoccur or stop depending on the consequences. He stated that there were two types of reinforcements: partial and continuous reinforcement. With continuous reinforcement a person must follow through with whatever they are trying to reinforce at all times and partial reinforcement was only meant for some of the time. Skinner also is known for what he named the Skinner Box, this device was made to test the behavior response when for instance, a rat realizes that if he touches the bar in the box the food will fall, eventually the rat will learn that if he does this he will get rewarded; which is learned behavior. The rat is rewarded when it
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