The Brain - The Brain 1 1 The Brain Sabrina Armstrong...

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The Brain 1 1 The Brain Sabrina Armstrong PSY/240 December 5 th , 2010 Shirley Shonette Wilson
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The Brain 2 The Brain There are five foremost parts of the brain, thus every part has a purpose in a person’s body, and first there is Myelencephalon which is also known as the medulla. The Myelencephalon (or medulla) is the latter portion of the brain stem. Which is not unexpectedly though, the medulla is comprised largely of tracts that thus carry signals connecting the brain and the body. A fascinating component of the Myelencephalon from a psychological viewpoint is the reticular configuration because it is an intricate system of almost 100 small nuclei, which occupies the central core of the brain stem from the later margin of the Myelencephalon to the frontal edge of the midbrain. Occasionally the reticular development is referred to as the reticular activating system because parts of it appear to participate in stimulation. The assorted nuclei of the reticular arrangement are involved in an array of functions, such as movement, sleep, circulatory and respiratory reflexes, attention (certainly vital for talking), and the continuation of muscle tone. Accordingly, referring to this collection of nuclei as a system can be misleading (Myelencephalon, 2000, para 1). Metencephalon holds several descending & ascending tracts and pieces of the reticular configuration as well. This structure forms a lump, which people call the pons, which is located on the exterior of the brain stem's ventral. The conduit to the cerebellum is the
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The Brain - The Brain 1 1 The Brain Sabrina Armstrong...

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