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Sexual Dysfunction There are many sexual dysfunctions but I had some trouble finding one that affects both men and women though. Sexual desire dysfunction disorder which is basically decreased libido does affect both men and women but for different reason and with different symptoms. Both men and women are not interested in any type of sexually activities with their spouse. What are some factors that may cause this type of dysfunction? There are several of different things that can cause this dysfunction. In women it is often caused by a lack of estrogen and in men a lack of testosterone can cause this dysfunction. There are other things that may cause this dysfunction as well; such as medicines, low energy, getting older and being pregnant
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Unformatted text preview: could also cause people to have this sexual dysfunction. What treatments may help individuals who experience this type of dysfunction? There are a few different treatments to help people with this dysfunction but ultimately it depends on what caused the dysfunction. For example there are hormone enhancing drugs on the market if the problem is low estrogen or low testosterone, such as for men and women can take testosterone treatments. There is also psychology therapy; if the reason is psychological, which both men and women can seek a professionals help....
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